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100% Yearly Profit Earned in Forex?


Very possible, but don't believe what I said, just check the results on the right side bar of this page,  all of them are REAL ACCOUNTS and VERIFIED by MYFXBOOK:

I am not a sales person, but I am a forex trader, so I am sorry if you don't find my homepage as attractive as many forex product/service websites with well written convincing sales pitch, well-made animated flash and big promises on monthly profit they can achieve if you buy their product or sign up with their service.

I am a Forex Fund Manager and I manage some client's funds at FXPrimus (Tallinex for US and Canadian Investors) and have been making around 7 - 50% profit per month. What you see in this website is what you will be getting. The trading results displayed on this website are REAL ACCOUNTS, REAL PROFIT and all of the results are VERIFIED by MYFXBOOK!

We started our Forex Managed Account service on March 2013, and so far below is the results:



August 2013 is still ongoing, we will update our website regularly, we are aiming for at least 10% profit per month, sometimes we can get more, depending on the market condition, the more volatile is the better. Volatility is my system's best friend.

We offer 2 kind of investment, the first one is "HIGH RISK and HIGH GAIN" investment where you can make 5-50% profit a month with minimum deposit of US$1,000, and also "LOW RISK but PROFITABLE" investment where you can make an average of 3.5% profit a month with very low risk.

Check below to find out more on what you can expect from the two type of investment we offer:




My high risk and high gain Forex Fund Management service requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 to an unlimited amount, and my profit share is vary, starting from 25% to 40% of monthly profit, depending on your deposit amount. The higher the deposit then the lower profit share I will charge, in the contrary the lesser the deposit the more profit share that I will charge.

This high risk and high forex managed account can generate a monthly profit of 5 - 50% monthly, or well above 100% annually. Check our trading performance on 2012 below, verified by myfxbook, so you can see the potential of this trading system:





This Low Risk but Profitable System is designed for real investors with large capital, a minimum US$25,000 is required, however it can only generate an average profit of 3.5% monthly or up to 50% annually with low risk.

This system differs real investors and speculators. Speculators are looking for over 100% profit a month but real investors are aware that up to 50% profit monthly is too good to be true, as most Banks around the world can only offer maximum 5% interest annually, some even only 1%, and in Japan the Banks offer no interest at all! Check below performance of this system on 2012, real account and verified by myfxbook: